Meet SheaMoisture's Next Black Millionaires

Meet SheaMoisture's Next Black Millionaires

Oct 03, 2023Scotch Boyz

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Neil Hudson Co-Founder

The Next Black Millionaires Program was created by SheaMoisture in partnership with the New Voices Foundation in 2021. The program aims to provide Black entrepreneurs with funding, retail distribution, access to an investment pipeline and much more. To bring more visibility to the three winners of The Next Black Millionaires program, SheaMoisture partnered with Roku Originals and MACRO Television Studios on a six-episode series that documents how each of the three entrepreneurs uses their $100,000 grant to grow and scale their businesses. On July 9th, 2023, SheaMoisture announced that Target will carry top products from each winning brand at over six hundred locations nationwide.

SheaMoisture has always been committed to investing in the Black community and creating Black generational wealth. In 2017, after the acquisition of SheaMoisture's parent company, Sundial Brands, the New Voices Fund was created with funding from Richelieu Dennis. The fund invests in entrepreneurs of color and has contributed to the creation of eighteen millionaires.

Kazmaleje, Scotch Boyz and Undefined Beauty were this year's winners. 

The founders got a chance to sit down with Stephanie Tharpe of Forbes to discuss their experience participating in The Next Black Millionaires series, their company's products and more.  

Scotch Boyz

Started by Neil Hudson and his three childhood friends, Scotch Boyz began at a BBQ competition in Jamaica. After winning the competition, the friends decided to start their company when people kept reaching out for bottles of their sauce. Scotch Boyz brings the unique island flavors of Jamaica to you, no matter where in the world you may be.

Stephanie Tharpe: When viewers watch this series, what do you want them to take away?

Neil Hudson: I want my fellow Jamaican, Caribbean, and Black members to know that it is important to give back and support others how they would like to be supported in order to build a strong support system and bring wealth to the Black community. As a Black-founded business with humble beginnings, SheaMoisture has allowed Scotch Boyz to expand in ways I didn't think were even imaginable.

Stephanie Tharpe: How did Scotch Boyz scale from a hobby to being available in Jamaica and nationwide in the US?

Neil Hudson: Scotch Boyz began with my three childhood friends and me at a BBQ competition in Jamaica. After winning, people kept on reaching out for more sauce, so we decided to start our own company. Now, Scotch Boyz brings the unique island flavors of Jamaica to you, no matter where in the world you may be.

Stephanie Tharpe: Since Scotch Boyz originated in Jamaica, how did you bring your sauces to the US? Were there any challenges?

Neil Hudson: Creating brand awareness was the most significant hurdle, so we started small. We listed on Amazon, which has a very low barrier to entry, and attended as many events and tradeshows as possible to build the brand. The goal for Scotch Boyz was to get the sauce in as many hands as possible, and we saw strong repeat buyers who then told their friends and family. Our direct-to-consumer business's strong support helped justify why we would be strong in retail.

Stephanie Tharpe: Scotch bonnet peppers are the heart of your sauce recipes and Jamaican cuisine. How are you sourcing the peppers to fulfill your demand?

Neil Hudson: We proudly support over 200 farmers in Jamaica. With every purchase of our Scotch Boyz sauce, you're not only getting an authentic taste of the Caribbean but also supporting small farmers as they work to grow their businesses and contribute to their communities. Similarly, SheaMoisture sources organic shea butter and virgin coconut oil from women's cooperatives in Ghana and Burkina Faso, so there are a lot of synergies between the values of SheaMoisture and Scotch Boyz. By supporting small farmers, we can positively impact local economies and help ensure a sustainable future for farmers and their families.

Stephanie Tharpe: What is your process when formulating new sauce flavors? Was there a base recipe that inspired the Scotch Boyz line?

Neil Hudson: One of my friends and one of the fellow Scotch Boyz, Drew Gray, perfected a sauce that his grandfather first made in Portland, Jamaica, over 60 years ago.

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