Impact and Community

We are committed to supporting our local community and culture.

Growing Together with Small Farmers


One of the driving factors for us at Scotch Boyz is that we directly affect small farmers. Each one of our sauces uses fresh ingredients from small farmers around the island of Jamaica.

Basis/ Impetus:

All of our founders grew up around a large farming community and saw the direct impact when farmers did not have a steady client base or demand for crops. 

Whenever they face uncertainty of unsteady income it affects their farms and their ability to produce quality crops. Such as getting access to quality seeds and material they need to create a sustainable farm and business. 

This then has a trickle down effect of not being able to provide for their family and also community since usually small farmers usually tend to help and provide food for those who may not necessarily have the ability to grow food themselves.


We support over 200 farmers around the island of Jamaica, as we scale and grow our business we are committed to also helping to impact other small farmers around the island of Jamaica and the Caribbean. Each sauce that is purchased helps to enable more small farmers to continue growth in the business which in turns helps the larger community.

Give Back Tracker

One of our major initiatives is creating a renewable and trackable platform that helps to directly track which sauces impact each farm. Thus the Give Back Tracker ™ was formed.

Tracking every purchase to a tangible farmer using data and technology. 

1 - Someone buys our sauce in a store or website. 

2 - They scan your unique trackable QR code. Take them to our page that has a non-fungible token associated with it. 

3 - The digital token is then attributed directly to a local small farmer's crops. That they can track the progress and growth of that farm. 

4 - We purchase the crops from set farmers to help build ingredients for our sauces. The customer can then see which sauce that ingredients goes into. then starts over to (1)


Paying it Forward - Our Impact on the Community 

Education plays a major role in shaping an equitable society. Particularly for underrepresented and marginalized groups, a well developed public education system provides access to knowledge and opportunities that would typically be out of reach. As products of the Jamaican public education system, our founders realized the impact of education on the wider community. This realization was the basis of our initiative to support the local community through education.   

The Scotch Boyz Foundation

The Scotch Boyz Foundation aims to provide additional support for underfunded schools in our local community. Every little bit counts toward improving the overall quality of education for a child.

Our support funds structural improvements for schools, provides micro grants, gifts school supplies like laptops, books or pencils and teaches skills such as farming and critical thinking. Whichever form it takes, our goal is to ensure that we are helping to create an environment that is conducive to learning. 

Our Motto is One Sauce Buys One Pencil 
A percentage of each purchase goes toward buying supplies for an underfunded school in Jamaica.