Impact and Community

We are committed to supporting our local community and culture.


Growing Together with Small Farmers


At Scotch Boyz, one of our primary objectives is ensuring that we have a positive impact on the small farmers across Jamaica who supply us with the ingredients used in our sauces.


All our founders grew up in a large farming community and witnessed first-hand how fluctuations and financial uncertainties in the agricultural sector impacted farmers and the people who depended on them. 

These financial uncertainties have a profound impact on small farmers, both professionally and personally. Professionally, they face challenges accessing the quality seeds and equipment necessary to establish a sustainable farm and business. As their businesses are impacted, they also find it difficult to provide for their families and communities.

In close-knit communities, farmers play a crucial role in providing food for those who are unable to grow or access crops themselves. That's why we're committed to supporting small farmers by sourcing our ingredients responsibly. By doing so, we can help ensure that their livelihoods are sustained while also providing our customers with the highest quality products.


At Scotch Boyz, we're proud to support over 200 farmers in Jamaica. As our business continues to grow and expand, we remain committed to supporting small farmers across Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

With every purchase of our sauce, you're not only getting an authentic taste of the Caribbean, but you're also supporting small farmers as they work to grow their businesses and contribute to their communities. By supporting small farmers, we can make a positive impact on local economies and help ensure a sustainable future for farmers and their families

Give Back Tracker

One of our major initiatives currently in development is the Give Back Tracker™. The Give Back Tracker™ is a renewable and trackable platform that helps to directly associate a sauce purchase with a farmer. 

Our goal is to track every purchase to a farmer using data and technology. 

1 - A customer buys our sauce in-store or on our website. 

2 - The customer scans the unique trackable QR code on the label. 

3 - The QR code takes the customer to our page, where a non-fungible token is associated with that purchase. 

4 - The digital token is then attributed directly to a local small farmer's crops.  

5 - The customer can then track the progress and growth of that particular farm. 

With the Give Back Tracker™ customers are able to see which farms are supplying the ingredients for their sauces.

We hope that with this initiative, you'll be able to see how your purchase helps small communities thrive. 


Paying it Forward - Our Impact on the Community 

Education plays a critical role in creating a fair and equitable society. For underrepresented and marginalized groups, a well-developed public education system provides access to knowledge and opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

As products of the Jamaican public education system, the founders of Scotch Boyz understand the profound impact that education can have on individuals and the wider community. This understanding was the impetus for our initiative to support the local community through education.

The Scotch Boyz Foundation

The Scotch Boyz Foundation is dedicated to providing additional support for underfunded schools in our local community. We believe that every little bit counts when it comes to improving the overall quality of education for a child.

Through our support, we fund structural improvements for schools, provide micro-grants, and gift school supplies such as laptops, books, or pencils. We also teach important skills such as farming and critical thinking. Whether it's through financial aid or educational resources, our goal is to create an environment that is conducive to learning and growth.

Our Motto is One Sauce Buys One Pencil 
A percentage of each purchase goes toward buying supplies for an underfunded school in Jamaica.