Our Roots

Scotch Boyz started from humble beginnings with four friends who loved to cook. After participating in a BBQ cook off and being overwhelmed with positive feedback we decided to bottle our sauces, and thus the Scotch Boyz brand was born! 

Started From:

BBQ cook off 

Cook Off

Childhood Friends


Sauces & Seasoning


Years Family Tradition of Making Sauces


Local Small Farmers Supported 




Scotch Boyz Jamaica was born from a friendship between four childhood friends – Drew Gray, Matthew Wallace, Neil Hudson and Kemar Swaby. All four friends were real yard boyz who loved Jamaica and nothing more than a good Jamaican bellyfull! This meant lots of eating and experimenting with recipes.

Unfortunately, after high school all friends went to separate universities. However, once a year they would meet back in Jamaica for Drew’s annual BBQ. Each year, news would spread about how amazing the food was and new and old faces would come to get a taste. Drew had perfected a sauce that his grandfather first made in Portland, Jamaica 60 years ago.


2012 - Inception

To make sure his friends always had a taste of Jamaica all year round, he would bottle this sauce up for his friends to bring back to their studies.  This was the beginning of “Scotch Boyz" pepper sauce - the bottling of Jamaican kinship, now available in your kitchen.

Born purely out of fun the Boyz entered cooking competitions and the original logo was drawn on a napkin with a red and black ink pen.


Original Logo, first designed in 2012

Original Logo, first designed in 2012 by Kemar Swaby

2015 - Rebirth

In 2015, they got back in touch with their friend and now one of the founders, Kemar Swaby to relaunch and rebrand for global markets. The original logo on the napkin was revamped to feature a cleaner aesthetic. With the renewed backing of all four Boyz, Scotch Boyz relaunched with a full line of new and improved sauces.

Sail Scotch Boyz team
Scotch Boyz team in Toronto for SAIL food convention. - 2019 

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